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Artist - Łukasz Prządka

An artist born in 1979. He comes from Wielen. He lives and works on his paintings in Wronki, a picturesque town which lies on the edge of Notecka forest in the Wielkopolska province.

He studied logistics but he devotes himself to his biggest passion which is oil painting. By using a time consuming laser technique he tries to achieve the effect of depth and mysteriousness in his works. His paintings can be compared to fantasy books about the furthest places which touch readers’ deepest emotions. He concentrates mostly on surrealistic and fantasy topics. He is an artist who makes a noticeable progress in his way of working. Thus his works are considered to be full of inspiration, innovative and provide viewers with lots of impressions.

It’s very difficult to stay indifferent to his art. His works draw viewers’ attention and make them enter the world of their thoughts. Thanks to the surrealistic form a viewer is not rejected which often occurs in abstract art. His paintings are realistic and contain the vision of beauty which broadens people’s mind and encourage to leave their own way of thinking about the world and reality. They invite viewers to discover the new way of seeing the world, evoke the imagination and break away from reality. Thanks to the paintings viewers can experience being on the verge of waking and dreaming. The works contain elements of landscapes, characters and symbols. The paintings are not only unpredictable, revealing and deep but also contain realism which makes one wonder if they are real or a vision of the artist’s imagination. Lukasz was assigned to take part in a project called “Metamorfoza” which is one of the art exhibitions in memory of Zdzisław Beksiński. Over forty best Polish surrealistic and magical realistic artists have been invited to participate in the project.

His paintings can be found in the USA, Germany, Norway, Czech Republic and many cities in Poland.

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